Choice + Voice: Powerhouse Combo in the Classroom

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TL;DR: Choice and voice are essential in order to engage students. Student choice is directly related to the concept of autonomy. Student voice is often communicated through their choices and behaviors. It might be the teacher in me, but when words rhyme or have a strong sense of alliteration, I’m all for it! Two of my favorites? CHOICE + VOICE, … Read More

Retakes Promote Mastery

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TL;DR: Debunking a common argument against retaking assessments. Reasons why retakes promote mastery of content. Seriously, You should Allow Retakes. I know as you read this title you may have rolled your eyes a bit. Maybe you had some thought of “In the real world they don’t allow retakes…“. I’d love to take that thought to it’s natural conclusion actually. … Read More

Maintaining Rigor Through Distance Learning

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TL;DR: It’s okay to put out activities quickly when first switching to a distance learning model. Once you’ve made the shift, take time to ensure you’re promoting deep thinking and learning. First and foremost… Maintaining rigor is something that’s absolutely important, but may not be the immediate focus or a top priority of your planning. As you shift or begin … Read More

Promote Creative Thinking Through Passion Projects

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In This Post An overview of passion projects in the classroom. Why you should consider doing a passion project with your students. Suggestions to rethink a unit and approach it as a passion project! Creative thinking is a skill we absolutely want to cultivate. We want our students to think critically and analyze. We want them to assess situations, look … Read More

6 Ways to Promote Authentic Reflection

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TL;DR: The vitality of authentic, real reflection in our classroom. 6 ways to ensure your students’ reflection is authentic. Reflection is a vital part of the learning process. When we encourage our students to look back on their growth and reflect, we are inviting them to see clearly the progress they have made. We are helping develop their metacognition and … Read More