Using Conferences for Grading Students

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In This Post The struggle of quantifying mastery with a letter or percent. Grading conferences as a solution to this struggle! Steps to set up grading conferences in your classroom & communicate about them to stakeholders. Feedback from students on grading conferences. In a mastery learning classroom, determining student quarter or final grades can be difficult. How do you assign … Read More

Why Your District Should Stop Worrying About Missed Days

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In This Post: The problem with time-based learning and why we should move away from it. A solution to make time more flexible and learning more important. How Mastery Learning can help you (and your school) make this shift & worry less about unplanned days off. Missed Days are Coming Depending on where you live (I live in the Northeast), … Read More

3 Things Principals Should KNOW In Your Classroom Observation

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In This Post: Tips to always be ready for a principal observation! The three important questions your principal (or anyone) wants answered in a classroom visit. The importance of regular procedures for your classroom and your students. Ways to help students be aware of their learning goals, assessment, and procedures. That moment when…  It’s last period, you’re fighting off a … Read More

Cue the Encore: When Things Don’t Go the Way You Planned

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In This Post: Bouncing back from an unsuccessful lesson, in real time! Tips and strategies to turn a lesson around due to broken items and student pacing. An idea to head off misconceptions before they occur. If you’ve been in the classroom 1 year or 30 years, I’m sure you’ve had a lesson plan completely flop. Or you’ve had a … Read More

Dear Desk, It’s Not You, It’s Me: Promoting Student Agency

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Promoting Student Agency

In This Post: After removing a desk from our learning space, my students reacted with excitement. My realization was that I was too focused on how I saw things, and not on how THEY see them. This lead to 5 pedagogical shifts to promote student agency. In a lonely corner of an elementary classroom stood an oversized wooden desk.  Its … Read More