Reflecting on #TeachBetter19

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In This Post: A reflection on the first and very successful #TeachBetter19 conference. Jeff’s personal highlights from putting on this incredible event. I’ve been seeing all these posts reflecting on the Teach Better Conference, #TeachBetter19. They’ve been enjoyable to read. No…I have reveled in them. They have reminded me again and again of what we were able to create. It’s … Read More

9 Tips for Mentoring

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In This Post: The importance of mentoring for both student teachers and first year teachers. Practical tips compiled from years of mentoring experience. Helpful ways to mentor new teachers and student teachers, based on mentee feedback! Mentoring is an art, much like teaching; there’s no other way to describe it.  One must find a way to hone in on their … Read More

5 Characteristics of Strong School Leaders

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> In This Post: The 5 qualities successful most school leaders have. Ideas on how to become a more successful leader in your school – no matter your position! Being a school leader is about more than a title or position. It’s about imparting change and leading the vision of a school, class, or department. And it’s not always easy. In … Read More

6 Effective Communication Strategies for Mentoring Student Teachers (Video)

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Video Highlights: Rae Hughart shares the who, what, where, when, why, and how of effective communication. We are always striving to build better relationships so we can better communicate. Make sure you are as clear as possible. Look at who’s involved. Plan for the “when.” When does it make the most sense? What’s your focus? What are you talking about? … Read More