How Districts Should Be Using Social Media

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In this Post : Social Media is a way to connect with more then just other educators, but your stakeholders too! Send out Daily/Weekly Updates Consider hosting your next Staff Development opportunity on a new platform Don’t just read morning announcements, post them for others to read too! A connected community is a supportive one We talk a lot about … Read More

Stewards of Their Journey: Promoting Student Engagement & Autonomy

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In This Post Learning targets provide the itinerary and should guarantee access for all  On any journey participants need to know  “where they are going, why they are going there, how they will get there,  and when they will arrive…students need the answers to those same four questions to take part in their educational journey! Technology is the mapping tool … Read More

Three Ways to Create a Safe and Peaceful Learning Environment

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In this Post : Teachers are competing against the fast-paced entertainment, gaming, videos and much more Music can be a great way to transition – try guitar music Provide options for students Sharing without judgement is essential What gets and keeps people’s attention at a rock concert? Loud music, mind-blowing guitar solos, and super stunning light shows. Upside down 360 … Read More

Raising a Puppy is Making Me a Better Teacher: 6 Takeaways for Your Classroom

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In this Post: Decide to like the dog… even when it’s challenging! Scaffold training to support their needs Celebrate Positive Steps! Learn to Spiral Provide specific and meaningful feedback Lesson 1: Decide to Like the Dog The day after school let out, we drove from Seattle to Boise to pick up our new Wesslpointer puppy, Echo. I dreamed, schemed, and … Read More

Busting Two Myths About Restorative Practices

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In this Post : Myth #1: Restorative Practices Take Away from Academics The circle, sometimes known as a class meeting, maybe the most well-known restorative practice, can be implemented quickly and used proactively to build the people-first classroom culture Myth #2: Implementing Restorative Practices is Overwhelming Starting small, revising and improving my skills, and generating success with students provided me … Read More