Homework: The Great Debate

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Homework VS No Homework - What's Best For Your Students

THE GREAT DEBATE Every week it seems like a new study shows up that either says to provide more homework to students, or that too much homework is hurting them. Regardless of if you think homework is necessary or you think that it is counterproductive to our students and their learning, I think its time we just lay everything out … Read More

3 Ways To Make This School Year GREAT!

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Ok…as you lay awake, wide-eyed and nervous as the first part of the school year is in full swing, I want you to know something: It’s all going to be fine! Try to ignore that weird dream you have about waking up late and realizing you have NO PLAN (yeah…bet you didn’t know we all have that dream). Instead of focusing on all … Read More

Why You Should Rethink Your Grading

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Why You Should Rethink Your Grading

Ask yourself: What are we grading for? During our workshops, grading is one of the topics most commonly brought up. We as teachers have an obsession (and rightly so) with how any activity, instructional method or new tactic fits into that little book (or software) where we calculate student grades. If you think about it, grades mean so much to teachers because, … Read More

How to Make Professional Development Worthwhile for Teachers: 3 Things to Remember

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How to Make Professional Development Worthwhile for Teachers

As I sit here and write this blog, I am at a district mandated professional development (PD) day… Yup…you guessed it, more downtime than productivity or learning. I am currently residing in the equivalent of adult babysitting. For professional development to be worthwhile for a teacher it needs to provide them with value. In order to increase that value and eventually … Read More