The Power Of Blank Space

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TL;DR: Blank Space is any area that provides learners with the opportunity to practice life skills such as creativity and critical thinking. Consider designing your classroom with intentional blank space to invite students to actively participate in their learning. Some strategies could include blank whiteboards mounted around the room, window markers, or goal setting space. Traditional Classroom Design On the … Read More

What Educators Can Learn from Choose Your Own Adventure Books

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Originally published at This post was co-authored by Greg Bagby. TL;DR: Choose Your Own Adventure books provide lessons we can apply to the educational world. Learning and trying new things can be complicated and messy, but it is worth the journey. Everything doesn’t always go the way you intend, but you learn from all of your experiences. Having … Read More

Learning Opportunities for Elementary Gamers

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TL;DR: This post shares learning opportunities for elementary gamers, including Sumdog, Teach Your Monster to Read, Prodigy, and Boddle. These learning opportunities for elementary gamers bring fun and play to learning. Learning Opportunities for Elementary Gamers Now that we are about a month into the school year, I have had the opportunity to introduce some favorite educational websites and explore a … Read More

What If We Had Engaging Meetings?

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TL;DR: It’s important to prioritize our time with staff during meetings to connect, grow, discuss important issues, and allow for collaborative decision-making. Be intentional with how you structure meetings. Flip the staff meeting and share information ahead of time via email, Flipgrid, Smore Newsletters, Padlet, or a Google Document with hyperlinks. Offer an opportunity for teacher voice through the Amplify-Sunset-Create … Read More