Envisioning a “New Normal”

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TL;DR: Blended learning promotes student ownership and helps to address the needs of different styles of learners. A successful example of blended learning at Sangamon Valley Middle School offers the best of both worlds. The shortcomings vs. benefits of blended learning are explored. Envisioning a New Normal: Imagine the Possibilities The pandemic has created a great deal of angst for … Read More

Silver Linings

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TL;DR: Through these difficult times, the emerging opportunities are our silver linings. Some new tech tools to try are Google Keep, Time Timer App, Kahoot, Watchkin, Padlet, and more. Teaching in a Pandemic Throughout the last year, COVID-19 has created difficult circumstances for many people in our world. For example, sickness, lockdowns, and school closures have taken their toll on … Read More

What’s Your Superpower? Mine Is Teaching!

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TL;DR: In 2020, educators had on their “superhero” outfits to bring about an educational revolution. Superpower traits that were discovered last year involve striking a balance, creating empowering lessons with student input, discovering your network, digital learning platforms, technology, learning what you don’t know, connecting, being yourself, gathering feedback, and embracing change. As 2021 starts, a new year with new … Read More