Grading SAMR Model

Erik YoungmanBlog, Grade Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Grading is undergoing changes, and many schools or districts need guidance. A comprehensive overview of the grading SAMR model, created by Erik Youngman. Grading should be fair, accurate, meaningful, and clearly communicated.  I created the “Grading SAMR Model” to provide a framework for defining indicators within four distinct dimensions. They can be compared, separately or simultaneously, to guide grading … Read More

Retakes Promote Mastery

Chad OstrowskiBlog, Differentiate Better, Grade Better, Innovate Better, Mastery Learning Better

TL;DR: Debunking a common argument against retaking assessments. Reasons why retakes promote mastery of content. Seriously, You should Allow Retakes. I know as you read this title you may have rolled your eyes a bit. Maybe you had some thought of “In the real world they don’t allow retakes…“. I’d love to take that thought to it’s natural conclusion actually. … Read More

Cultivating True Engagement

Adam LesterBlog, Engage Better, Grade Better, Innovate Better, Personalize Student Learning Better

TL;DR: What do you do with students who just aren’t motivated? A look at some motivation theory and its relation to engagement. The key to engagement revealed! The Kids Just Sit There… Student engagement in their own learning process is an ever-elusive goal for a vast majority of educators with whom I interact. Too often, teachers and their classes are … Read More

Preparing Students for Life: How Retakes Help Instead of Hurt

Katelynn GiordanoBlog, Differentiate Better, Grade Better, Lesson Plan Better

In This Post: A common argument against retaking assessments, and why it doesn’t quite work. The benefits of allowing retakes in your classroom. “You can’t do retakes, they won’t have redos in the real world.” This is one of the most common arguments I hear about allowing for reassessment in our classrooms. And honestly, I don’t think it’s valid. At … Read More

Accountability in Retaking Assessments

Rae HughartBlog, Differentiate Better, Grade Better, Innovate Better, Lesson Plan Better, Mastery Learning Better, Personalize Student Learning Better

TL;DR: The importance and necessity of offering retakes. Tips to increase accountability in your students through your retake process. Why not offering retakes is diminishing the value of your content and your teaching. I have been there. Running down the hall to catch a student to remind them for the 12th time that day they need to meet with me during … Read More