Change Your Grading Practices, Change Student Behavior

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In this Post: Classroom management is defined as the process by which teachers and schools create and maintain appropriate behavior of students in classroom settings Enhance management by finding time to meet with students for a more personalized approach to learning Make a deliberate choice to connect feedback to student understanding According to the American Psychological Association based out of … Read More

Is Social Media the New Email? Tips for Telling Your Story with Pride

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In This Post Don’t be scared of Social Media – it’s the future! Develop a #hashtag for your classroom or school. If you are a teacher or principal, consider developing it with your staff or students. Brand recognition and building your school’s online reputation is becoming a part of school community relations. Be sure to follow your district’s protocol on … Read More

3 Ways to Focus on the “Why” Instead of the “What” – Building Deeper Meaning in Learning

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In this post: How to move from “What” to “Why” Dive into DoK to deepen the learning Just ask! The power of asking your students “Why” Don’t rob students of the chance to discover and go deeper Ban “What” From Your Classroom Education has long been far too focused on the acquisition of information and learning how to follow algorithms … Read More

When is the Right Time in Teaching to…?

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In This Post: Deciding when you should, and shouldn’t, discuss controversial topics with students. Is it ever the right time for test prep? Putting on your #GritBritches and sticking your neck out for awesomeness! When is the right time to…? Such an ever-present question, right? Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Is now a good time to discuss ____?” or … Read More