The Role of the Perpetrator, Victim, Bystander, and Upstander

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TL;DR: Teachers and administrators make multiple decisions each day. These decisions can have a long-lasting impact on a student. When making decisions as an administrator or school team, they should ask three questions about access, inclusion, and equity. There needs to be a sense of urgency to ensure we prepare each learner for the next level. We need to be … Read More

The Road to the Principalship

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TL;DR: The road to the principalship involves the following five behaviors and demonstrated leadership skills developed over time with evidence of action: good leaders ask great questions, build relationships, stand out in the crowd, and are risk-takers and collaborative leaders. The words on the resume should match the leader’s actual work in schools.  Each spring, assistant principals begin applying for … Read More

What If We Had Engaging Meetings?

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TL;DR: It’s important to prioritize our time with staff during meetings to connect, grow, discuss important issues, and allow for collaborative decision-making. Be intentional with how you structure meetings. Flip the staff meeting and share information ahead of time via email, Flipgrid, Smore Newsletters, Padlet, or a Google Document with hyperlinks. Offer an opportunity for teacher voice through the Amplify-Sunset-Create … Read More

Engage and Elevate Better with Data

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TL;DR: Data drives many of our decisions in education. It comes from a variety of sources and is more than just numerical information from test scores. The use of data needs to be intentional and involve not only educators but students and families as well. Elevate data by using it to not only help you see progress but to help … Read More

Revamping Your Communication Plan: Are You Communicating to Connect?

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TL;DR: Check in with others by focusing on connection rather than action.  Reach out to your colleagues and lean on each other. Revamp your communication plan by considering new ways to reach out to your stakeholders to connect.   I was thrilled to be a guest on the Daily Drop In with Rae Hughart. We discussed ways that we can revamp … Read More