Using Conferences for Grading Students

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In This Post The struggle of quantifying mastery with a letter or percent. Grading conferences as a solution to this struggle! Steps to set up grading conferences in your classroom & communicate about them to stakeholders. Feedback from students on grading conferences. In a mastery learning classroom, determining student quarter or final grades can be difficult. How do you assign … Read More

Top 20 Blog Posts to Start 2020

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In This Post: A look back at my favorite blog posts from 2019. Want to be on this list? Guest blog with us in 2020! As we embark on 2020, I find myself reflecting back on 2019. There’s been a lot of growth and change, much of it positive. And at Teach Better, that is always our goal. Better today. … Read More

Collaborative Behavior Planning: Putting Students at the Helm

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In this post: Discover the biggest problem with most student behavior plans What is a student-led behavior plan? Steps to make a student-led behavior plan work for students and teachers Let’s get this out in the open: implementing and designing behavior plans to improve the behavior of challenging students is not an easy task. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they … Read More

9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans : Differentiation

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9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans - Differentiation

Differentiation is a powerful way to fix your lesson plans. What is differentiation in education? Differentiation simply means tailoring your instruction to meet the individual needs of all your students. A simple definition, but a potentially difficult challenge! Especially when you have 30 students needing 30 different things for each activity – Yikes! But providing differentiated tools can be incredibly … Read More

Personalized Learning through UDL

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Personalized Learning through UDL

Personalized Learning and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can feel like new initiatives that are just “one more thing.” When it comes down to it, though, many initiatives fit together nicely, and can help support one another. Through working with schools, districts, and teachers I’ve found that when we look at new ideas as something extra (as opposed to something … Read More