The Belief of a Gifted Label

Todd StanleyBlog, Differentiate Better, Engage Better

TL;DR: Gifted students’ love of school varies. They have different abilities, interests, and needs. Gifted students need to be supported, challenged, and develop grit. The beliefs of a gifted label and the facts of a gifted label can sometimes be two very different things. When a child is deemed to be “gifted,” people liken this to an achievement like earning … Read More

How to Teach English Online

Kathy AlamedaBlog, Connect Better, Differentiate Better

TL;DR: Many people are teaching English online from their homes. Consider starting with an established company to learn the ropes before branching out on your own. Become an expert in a specific area. Get your teaching space ready. Learn from international students and truly connect. Tips for Teaching English Online Did you know there are plenty of people teaching English … Read More

The Best Way to Challenge Gifted Students (and all students, for that matter)

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TL;DR: To challenge gifted students, you can accelerate learning or go into more depth. We must engage their minds in higher levels of thinking. Consider Bloom’s Taxonomy when asking students questions. How to Challenge Gifted Students There are all sorts of strategies for challenging gifted students. Sometimes we accelerate or go fast. Other times we go more in-depth meaning rather … Read More

Sneaking Assessment Into Writing Instruction

Melanie MeehanBlog, Differentiate Better, Lesson Plan Better

TL;DR: Assessment doesn’t always have a positive connotation. Start with an asset-based mindset: what can students do well? Clarify what you want the students to be able to do and look for it. Involve students in the goal-setting process. Sneaking Assessment Into Writing Instruction If I mention assessment to teachers, they cringe. Maybe the cringe comes from the thought that … Read More