Upstream Thinking: A Book Study Reflection

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TL;DR: Reflections on a book study of Upstream: How to Solve Problems Before They Happen by Dan Heath. This book provided insights to institutionalized problems and how they can be solved. Each member of the book study shares their favorite quote from the book with their biggest takeaways. In April, I had the pleasure of hosting a virtual book study … Read More

Emails from Educators

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TL;DR: At Teach Better, we get emails from educators all over the U.S. Usually, these teachers are looking for assistance, guidance, advice, or even just someone to listen! See a few of our responses to some of the emails we’ve received about engaging students virtually, tech tools, and The Grid Method. Emails from Educators: #1  Hey –  I am a … Read More

Model, Empower and Analyze a Growth Mindset

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TL;DR: Strategies to model and empower a growth mindset among your students. An attached student graphic to help develop a growth mindset in your class. Now more than ever, we must model and empower a growth mindset amongst educators and students. Teachers can empower a growth mindset by discussing examples, modeling the language in questions and feedback, and by doing … Read More