Cue the Encore: When Things Don’t Go the Way You Planned

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In This Post: Bouncing back from an unsuccessful lesson, in real time! Tips and strategies to turn a lesson around due to broken items and student pacing. An idea to head off misconceptions before they occur. If you’ve been in the classroom 1 year or 30 years, I’m sure you’ve had a lesson plan completely flop. Or you’ve had a … Read More

Before You Know How, You Have to Know Why

Christine Ravesi-WeinsteinBlog, Class Management, Engagement, Lesson Planning

In This Post: The importance of determining your purpose in education. How discovering your why can change your practice and have greater impact on your students. The impact of leading with purpose, especially on students with anxiety. Educational leadership and modeling your why. From our professional lives to our personal lives, there are so many things that we find ourselves … Read More

Make Every Moment Count: Myths and Strategies for Learning

Mary Ellen RileyBlog, Class Management

In this post: A dispelling of some popular educational myths Tips to help students discover and activate their studying abilities Strategies to make every moment of learning count Tips to take directly into your classroom to help students learn more effectively When my 10 pound baby was born, I realized my first born son had gone his whole life (almost … Read More

Preparing for a Successful Open House

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While we are supposed to be sitting at home, reading a book that has been sitting on our night stand since early spring or floating in a body of somewhere with a drink adorned with a small umbrella, many of us are already brainstorming all the ways that this next school will be better. Because of course you are! Often … Read More

Three Ways to Create a Safe and Peaceful Learning Environment

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In this Post : Teachers are competing against the fast-paced entertainment, gaming, videos and much more Music can be a great way to transition – try guitar music Provide options for students Sharing without judgement is essential What gets and keeps people’s attention at a rock concert? Loud music, mind-blowing guitar solos, and super stunning light shows. Upside down 360 … Read More