7 Ways to Increase Student Success

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7 Ways to Increase Student Achievement

As you read this you probably have a lot of ideas floating through your head about the amazing learning activities you’re going to experience with your students. Whether it is an idea you read about in an article, something a colleague of yours has tried, or an awesome PD session you’ve attended, it’s time to put those concepts into action! Regardless of … Read More

Stop Saying You Don’t Have Enough Time! (Video)

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Stop Saying You Don’t Have Enough Time! (Video) (1)

Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there. Changing your instruction, or implementing something new into your classroom, is not easy. It takes time. But if it is valuable enough and is going to increase the impact on your students learning journey, don’t tell me there’s not enough time. Put the time in now, because the payoff you’ll get later … Read More

What Motivates Students?

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What Motivates Students_

There is a question that I’m getting more and more at workshops and trainings and that is “how do I motivate my students to work?” I hate to break it to you, but there is no “magic bullet” solution to this. Every student is going to have their own solution to getting motivated. However, there are some things you can ask … Read More

#MasteryChat Recap – November 16, 2017

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Did you miss #MasteryChat?? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Check out the recap below! [View the story “#MasteryChat Challenging Advanced Learners” on Storify]

Key Steps to Creating A Positive School Culture

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Key Steps to Creating A Positive School Culture

Hey guys! It’s Rae. I wanted to do a quick video blog on positive school culture. Now I have to tell you that they key to a positive school culture first has to do with everyone on the staff being on the same page. Now this is not just the administration being on the same page, this is not just … Read More