Maintaining Rigor Through Distance Learning

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TL;DR: It’s okay to put out activities quickly when first switching to a distance learning model. Once you’ve made the shift, take time to ensure you’re promoting deep thinking and learning. First and foremost… Maintaining rigor is something that’s absolutely important, but may not be the immediate focus or a top priority of your planning. As you shift or begin … Read More

Tech Tools and How to Use Them: Distance Learning Edition

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TL;DR: Distance learning has shifted our focus toward more technology. A curated list of tech tools for recording videos, communicating with stakeholders, and formative assessment. Transitioning from a classroom to distance learning can be quite the change, especially when it feels like it happens overnight. Fortunately, there are many tech tools available to help you make this new transition as … Read More

Ways to Stay Well in Times of Uncertainty

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TL;DR: The importance of focusing on our wellness, especially in times of stress. Tips to stay well and focus on yourself right now. We are dealing with so much uncertainty right now.  We have never experienced something like this before.  They do not teach you how to deal with these situations when you sit through college education courses.  As educators, … Read More

5 Ways To Support Students and Teachers Virtually

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TL;DR: A rapid shift to virtual learning can be difficult and stressful. 5 tips to support students and teachers virtually. Examples to implement each tip in your role. It’s Going To Be Ok… The transition to virtual learning or working from home can be a challenge for anyone. But learning and progress don’t have to be totally lost. Regardless of … Read More

Maintaining Positive Culture Even When Apart

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TL;DR: Classroom culture is something we all work hard to build and maintain. Steps and ideas to cultivate our classroom culture, even while apart. Realistic ideas and suggestions to connect with students, staff, and families from home. Classroom and school culture are massive components of our jobs as educators. It’s vital that we cultivate an environment where our students and … Read More