Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month: Celebrating All Year

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TL;DR: Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th-October 15th. The terms Hispanic and Latino have different origins and cultural and political meanings. Hispanic primarily refers to individuals who come from Spanish-speaking nations. Latinx offers a more ethnic and geographic understanding and includes individuals who come from non-Spanish-speaking countries. Latine and Latinx are gender-neutral forms of Latino. Latinx and Hispanic … Read More

ISTE Standards for Educators

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TL;DR: It’s time to reflect on your use of the ISTE Standards. ISTE standards consist of Learner, Leader, Citizen, Collaborator, Designer, Facilitator, and Analyst. So far this year, we have discussed planning with INTENT and planning to CONNECT.  This month’s post takes those two posts and digs deeper. To begin with, it will strategically introduce you to another way to … Read More

Celebrating Our Students

Bridget GenglerBlog, Connect Better

TL;DR: Build intentional moments into your day to build relationships with students. Make students feel seen, heard, and loved. Find opportunities to celebrate your students. Celebrating Our Students Why is that important?  What benefit comes from it? Is it necessary? Build Relationships with Intentional Moments I spend the whole school year taking the time to connect with my students— learning … Read More

The Answer to Everything

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TL;DR: It might be true that the answer to everything is 42.  The answer to a long and healthy career in teaching might come from gathering together with some colleagues, pouring a cup of coffee, and sharing ideas, experiences, and memories. Have you ever searched for the answer to everything? You should try it sometime because there is actually an … Read More

The Power Of Blank Space

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TL;DR: Blank Space is any area that provides learners with the opportunity to practice life skills such as creativity and critical thinking. Consider designing your classroom with intentional blank space to invite students to actively participate in their learning. Some strategies could include blank whiteboards mounted around the room, window markers, or goal setting space. Traditional Classroom Design On the … Read More