Why School Administrators Need to Embrace Social Media

Jeff GargasBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better, Tech Better

TL;DR: Your community is on social media now more than ever. If you’re not utilizing social media to communicate with students, stakeholders, and staff, you’re not using a potentially valuable tool. In the “new world” of COVID-19, people are turning to social media even more. You should be there. There is so much value in simply listening to your community. … Read More

Using Retro Games in the Classroom

BreAnn FennellBlog, Engage Better

TL;DR: Some retro games you could use in your classroom include Four Square, Guess Who, and Pictionary. Games can be recommended to parents or friends who are wanting to add some fun to summer learning. Games that teachers loved as kids will spark excitement in the teacher that can transfer to student engagement. Retro Games: Four Square Do you remember … Read More