3 Alternatives to Classroom Presentations

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In This Post: A warning against always doing formal classroom presentations. Alternative options for classroom presentations that still encourage understanding & allow for assessment! I was writing this blog while hanging out after school with a few students. I asked them if they had ever had to do a formal presentation in a classroom. Suddenly groans filled the room. “Ugh, I … Read More

Modifications and Accommodations for Diverse Learners

Whitney ChoateBlog, Innovate Better, Lesson Plan Better, Manage Better

In This Post: The difference between modifications and accommodations. Strategies to adjust your classroom activities & instruction to accommodate for diverse learners. A quick guide for modifications or accommodations based on common language found on IEPs and 504s. Meeting the needs of diverse learners in today’s classrooms can be such a challenge.  From at-risk, to gifted, to IEPs, 504s, and … Read More

5 Benefits of EdCamp Professional Development

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In This Post: An overview of professional development designed to empower educators: EdCamps! The four major benefits of EdCamp professional development. So much is changing in the way that we teach in our classrooms. Teachers are facilitators of learning rather than providing direct instruction all day, every day. Students are encouraged to follow their passions and learn other content and … Read More

Podcasts for Professional Development

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In This Post: Podcasts as convenient and timely professional development. Personalized your learning with podcasts. Ways to grow as an educator by listening to podcasts. Professional development for educators can take many forms. It can be a conference, an EdCamp, a Twitter chat, and even… a podcast. Effective professional development ignites educators. It sparks their passion for this profession. We … Read More

Why Your District Should Stop Worrying About Missed Days

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In This Post: The problem with time-based learning and why we should move away from it. A solution to make time more flexible and learning more important. How Mastery Learning can help you (and your school) make this shift & worry less about unplanned days off. Missed Days are Coming Depending on where you live (I live in the Northeast), … Read More