Teachers Killing the Flexible Seating Game

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  • Celebrate the educators putting themselves out on social media to inspire & motivate others to find their own flexible seating style.
  • Follow these flexible seating educators.
  • Give a shout out to show your appreciation to other educators doing incredible things in their classrooms.

All over the country, teachers are talking about flexible seating. It’s in our news feeds, our email blasts from influencers, and seems to be a topic of discussion at every conference. Educators want to change the way our classrooms look.

So, who are the teachers out there killin’ the flexible seating game?

Where can you find awesome examples of gorgeous, “Google Approved” classrooms of the future? Lets celebrate these educators… and then go follow them for more inspiration!

Remember, it’s not about the fluff of a pretty picture – Fluff ain’t enough!

It’s about the shift in thinking educators are hungry for in the design of a learning space.

Remember, its not about the fluff of a pretty picture - Fluff ain't enough! Its about the shift in thinking educators are hungry for in the design of a learning space. #TeachBetter #FlexibleSeating Click To Tweet

Shout Out #1 – @TheSuperHeroTeacher

Now it’s one thing to dabble with flexible seating in your classroom, but it’s another to make it a reality for other educators around the world. Brittany may be the most challenging educator to describe – because her passion can take your breathe away!

This Curriculum Designer turned Classroom Flipper uses her own funds to travel around the country and help teachers build progressive classrooms. Whether you are an Elementary Teacher in Ohio, or a High School Teacher in Florida, she continues to build spaces with students in mind.


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If you can only follow ONE educator in the flexible seating game, this is it people – Ms @TheSuperHeroTeacher herself! Why? Because the value just keeps coming.

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Flexible Seating Challenge

Shout Out #2 – @LadyBugsTeacherFiles

Variety Variety Variety! This 4th Grade Teacher and Blogger focuses just as much on providing variety for her students as she does on matching her fun and funky colorful seats! The classroom environment is hard to miss as her students move around the room throughout their learning each day.


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If you are looking for a flexible seating place to begin, take just one grouping of her seats and make it happen!

Shout Out #3 – @LearningInSixth

This Australia native is not playing around with her modern flexible seating styled classroom! While she has steered away from the neon pattern many educators are drawn too, she pulls in beautiful natural colors making any modern home lover happy! If you are looking for a balance of floor seating, couches, tables done right, and DIY ideas, this educator is an awesome start.


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 Shout Out #4 – @Teaching6

The goal of this teacher’s flexible seating style? To feel like home. Whether we focus on her “Growing Wall” with the gold quote “Great Minds Grow Here,” or her muted colored bean bags, she continues to provide students with a focused environment on comfort while learning.


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Shout Out #5 – @CursiveandCrayons

This new teachers seems to be able to handle progressive classroom design like a professional! This teacher is not only providing optional seating arrangements, but is tackling the age old struggle of finding good balance. In her beautiful blue and white classroom, she continues to keep her space open for movement. I’m not sure I’d label it a “minimalist” approach, but I oogled over her clean and tidy arrangement.  As a student, I would be so at peace in this learning space. Love this Lamp Lady.


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Shout Out #6 – You are in Control

Who’s an educator dabbling with Flexible Seating who deserves a shout out? Share out your Shout Out for this educator and give them a little boost of appreciation! If you are choosing to share out on Twitter or Instagram, use #TeachBetter #FlexibleSeating and make sure to tag me (@RaeHughart) and our Team (@TeachBetterTeam) to amplify their message.


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