Small Wins, Huge Smiles

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  • It is essential to highlight all small wins for students in the classroom.
  • Celebrating all wins helps to create a learning environment of love and success.

In such a world today where everything is so “me” focused, we often overlook a simple gesture of celebrating or encouraging others. A simple compliment goes a long way long towards the mental health of the receiver. It’s like building a habit. The more you do something, the better you get at doing the task. The more you encourage or celebrate someone, the more they feel empowered.

In our classroom settings, it’s essential to highlight all small wins for your kids.

It may not seem like a big deal at first, but trust and believe in your students. They will be smiling externally and internally. One of the love languages, words of affirmation, is a top feeling that most humans feel despite age, race, and gender.

The times we’ve been celebrated in our younger days in school are memories that stay with us forever. Click To Tweet

To create a learning environment of love and success we must celebrate ALL wins.

A student who can make it to class on time, pass a test, complete a project, etc. deserves encouragement. The times we’ve been celebrated in our younger days in school are memories that stay with us forever.

Funny story: A few years ago in college a friend of mine was telling a story of how in elementary school he would always miss the Friday homework check-in for the week. One week he finally remembered his assignments and turned them in. His teacher gave him a huge round of applause. Then all the students began to cheer him on as well. He said that moment I felt so good I never missed a homework assignment since then.

It’s the little things that matter. Who would have thought missed assignments would turn into a celebration instead of disciplinary action?

Let’s celebrate each other more! Nothing beats a classroom full of smiles!

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