Episode #113: Marita Diffenbaugh

Dana GoodierBlog, Out of the Trenches Podcast

Marita Diffenbaugh has twenty-two years of service in Idaho’s education system, from the classroom, school district, and university to the State Department of Education. Marita believes that hope is a prerequisite for learning and looks for ways to help others see their value.

In her newly published book, L.E.A.R.N.E.R. Finding the True, Good, and Beautiful in Education, she shares about how to connect learning to community resources and needs, along with strategies that restore hope and can support learners of all ages to develop their full potential.

As a partner with the Elevate Academy Network, Marita is currently connecting education, industry, and community by launching Elevate Academy North, a new Career Technical School, opening August 2022. She is looking forward to serving as principal at this community driven school of choice for students in 6th-12th grades who are not finding success in their current education.

Find Marita online on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MDiffenbaugh and LinkedIn.


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