3 Mistakes Districts Make with Professional Development (PD) – Video

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3 Mistakes Districts Make With Professional Development - Video

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Having worked with hundreds of districts around the country, we have seen some amazing PD sessions, and we’ve seen quite a few that just don’t work. What we’ve found is that most of those that don’t work, don’t work because of three key mistakes that districts make with PD.

  1. Districts don’t ask their teachers what they need.
  2. Provide “sit and get” PD, instead of meaningful opportunities to collaborate and work together. By not providing enough time, you’re basically giving your staff hours of homework to do once they go home.
  3. Do NOT focus on support for their teacher. Follow up support and accountability is key for the success of any training and implementation.

Keep these 3 mistakes in mind while planning your next PD, and you’ll be more likely to see real results from the training.

Blog image photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash.