Social Distancing Brings Teachers Closer Together

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TL;DR: A warm reminder of the network of educators you’ve built. Positive encouragement to reach out to one another during this uncertain, scary time. There are so many headlines in the news right now surrounding the coronavirus and its implications for our world, our homes, and our classrooms.  These headlines can be scary.  And overwhelming.  And cause such discomfort.  But … Read More

Weekend Happier

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TL;DR: Our weekends are already happy, but how can we make them happier? Ideas to be purposeful in our recharging over the weekend. A few weeks ago, I ran an after school workshop.  It was a cold February day, and since it was a Thursday, most of us were tired.  Downright weary.  Limping toward the weekend. To rally the group, … Read More

Want to be Happier? Start With Gratitude

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In This Post: The first tip to teach happier: Gratitude! Suggestions to focus on the positive and stay grateful. Ideas to bring gratitude practice in to your classroom or school. We all want to be happy.  In a perfect world, happiness would greet us each morning, usher us around, and surround our days with lovely things, moments, and people.  But … Read More

Teach Happier! Tips for Teaching Happier

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In This Post: Introducing a new monthly piece: Teach Happier! An overview of what Suzanne will be sharing each month to help educators teach happier. We are all a part of the Teach Better Family because we want to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we were today. We are ALL IN. Being a part … Read More

December is the New August: Prioritize Your People, Space, & Your Word

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In This Post: Ways to reclaim your August self this break. Suggestions to prioritize your people, your space, and your word. Let’s travel back a few months to August.  Sunny, relaxing, all-the-time-in-the-world August.  Remember enjoying your lunch and not inhaling it in under 7 minutes? Using the bathroom any time you want?! Or leisurely sipping hot coffee from a real … Read More