Be Like Beverly – Scan for the Good

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TL;DR: Beverly is Suzanne’s mom, her favorite teacher, the most loving, kindhearted, generous, and genuine person who now has Alzheimer’s. Beverly lived a life full of gratitude and abundance and exemplified this throughout her life by scanning for the good in every opportunity possible and being grateful for it all. You are challenged to find gratitude, scan for the good, … Read More

Even If…

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TL;DR: We have control of two things: how we prepare and how we respond. Have a better mindset by changing your “what if” thoughts to “even if” thoughts. How great is that quote? Anyone else feeling great discomfort because everything seems out of our control? Yep. Me too. It’s nearly impossible to feel like we have a firm grasp on … Read More

Letting Go & Moving On

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TL;DR: Giving up isn’t synonymous with failure; we should think of it as letting go, rather than giving up. When we use the phrase letting go instead of giving up, we allow ourselves to consider the possibilities and pivot in another direction in our reality. If it’s not 90s rock or country music playing in my earbuds, it’s a podcast. … Read More

It’s Grow Time

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TL;DR: Educators are dealing with adversity and challenges like never before. After dealing with trauma, there is an opportunity for educators to grow. This challenging time can lead to positive, long-term changes in education. Our educational journey during this time is compared to the transformation of a seed to a tree. Finish the sentence: post-traumatic ____. Did you say stress … Read More

Finding the Magic

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TL;DR: Finding the magic in education means realizing the impact you are making as an educator, even if it’s not visible right away. The story of how one teacher changed a student’s life by believing in him and empowering him. Anyone else feel like it’s all just too much right now? The uncertainty? The polarizing viewpoints? The concerns of our families … Read More