Inspire Serendipity

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TL;DR: Serendipity is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Four personal stories point out the importance of making students feel liked, happy, empowered, and important. The small acts of love in our day have the power to make a permanent impression.  The word serendipity is just plain fun to say. The meaning of the word is … Read More

‘Tis the Season

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TL;DR: Try to enjoy every moment as much as you can. If things are difficult, know it will pass eventually. And if it’s good, savor it because it won’t last forever. This has been a year. This has been a season. ‘Tis the season…the sun is coming soon. Raise your hand if you are excited it’s March. Honestly, I don’t love … Read More

Mind Your Business!

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TL;DR: Mind your own business to keep a positive heart space and headspace. Consider whether something is your business, someone else’s, or the universe’s. After you discern that, you can discern the next right thing. Do you find yourself stuck in the land of what-ifs?  Or is there a certain person or situation that continues to take up a significant … Read More

Be Like Beverly – Scan for the Good

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TL;DR: Beverly is Suzanne’s mom, her favorite teacher, the most loving, kindhearted, generous, and genuine person who now has Alzheimer’s. Beverly lived a life full of gratitude and abundance and exemplified this throughout her life by scanning for the good in every opportunity possible and being grateful for it all. You are challenged to find gratitude, scan for the good, … Read More

Even If…

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TL;DR: We have control of two things: how we prepare and how we respond. Have a better mindset by changing your “what if” thoughts to “even if” thoughts. How great is that quote? Anyone else feeling great discomfort because everything seems out of our control? Yep. Me too. It’s nearly impossible to feel like we have a firm grasp on … Read More