Here Comes the Sun

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TL;DR: How do you support those around you? How have you felt supported by others? What are your plans to strengthen relationships this season? Here Comes the Sun It’s May and no matter where you live, it is becoming a bit sunnier.  Today, we’ll talk about sunshine metaphorically.  But before we talk about the sun, let’s talk about mountains. In … Read More

Luck & Happiness

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TL;DR: Think of a time when you felt lucky.  If this is difficult, it may be because of the way you perceive the world. Try to find luck in your week. When I facilitate workshops, I sprinkle in “positivity pauses” throughout the sessions. We take time to stop and reflect on something good to prime our brains for positivity. One … Read More

Plan Happier

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In this episode, we are invited to look at our upcoming week in a way that can help us feel accomplished and aligned. MORE EPISODES

Vacation Mode

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TL;DR: Many teachers have two versions of themselves—a work version and a vacation version. Instead of experiencing self-care, we experience after care. In after care, the focus is on recovering from your daily stress. However, self-care is preventative. Find me an educator who isn’t grinding it out in March. We are all longing for sunshine and a moment to catch our breath. We … Read More