Let’s Recombobulate

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TL;DR: Recombobulate is an amazing word that means to cause to think again or reorient. Let’s get in the right mindset for the school year. Each day, say the entire date aloud. It reminds you that today is not only temporary but a fresh start and a new opportunity. Reclaim quiet pockets of time at the very beginning and end … Read More

Savoring the Saturday of Summer

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TL;DR: Slow down to acknowledge and appreciate the good things. Make sure to savor the good things this summer. Savoring the Saturday of Summer It’s July. As my dear friend Corinne would say, it’s the Saturday of summer. If anybody asks us how we’re doing, we are nothing short of elated. Yet, we may also admit we are still recovering … Read More

Let’s Talk Behind Their Backs: Share Positives

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TL;DR: Share positives about others behind their back. When it circles back to them, it can lift them up. It 👏👏👏.   Is 👏👏👏. JUNE! 👏👏👏.  We are so close to summer, fellow teacher friends!  Let’s sneak in one more small shift to consider as we close out this school year. It’s one of my favorite pastimes: talking behind people’s backs.  … Read More

Here Comes the Sun

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TL;DR: How do you support those around you? How have you felt supported by others? What are your plans to strengthen relationships this season? Here Comes the Sun It’s May and no matter where you live, it is becoming a bit sunnier.  Today, we’ll talk about sunshine metaphorically.  But before we talk about the sun, let’s talk about mountains. In … Read More

Luck & Happiness

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TL;DR: Think of a time when you felt lucky.  If this is difficult, it may be because of the way you perceive the world. Try to find luck in your week. When I facilitate workshops, I sprinkle in “positivity pauses” throughout the sessions. We take time to stop and reflect on something good to prime our brains for positivity. One … Read More