Waiting to Have “Those Conversations” Is Hurting Students

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In This Post The importance of conversations about our students’ futures. Helping our classrooms become avenues for discovering passion & practical uses for it! Using your content to help students find their futures. Growing up, learning was a struggle. I moved throughout my day feeling as if I was walking through a fog of confusion. While most of my classes … Read More

Helpful Reflection Strategies for Teachers (Video)

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Video Highlights: Rae Hughart shares some helpful reflection strategies for teachers. We talk about reflection for our students, but we need to reflect for ourselves as well. Using multiple mediums for reflection can help influence effective reflection. A  one-on-one conversation may not be the best way for everyone. A pre-recorded video is another option. Voice memos and typing your reflection … Read More

3 Questioning Strategies For Student Teachers

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In This Post: Teacher mentors have a responsibility to facilitate reflective discussions. Consider utilizing Webb’s DOK to scaffold your reflective questioning. Questions to consider asking related to curriculum. Questions to consider asking related to creativity. Questions to consider asking related to connections. Questioning is an essential element of learning. Mentors have a responsibility – an obligation – to facilitate reflective … Read More

4 Ways to Support New Staff in the Building

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In this Post: New Teachers, New Custodians, New Front Office Leadership, or New Student Teachers Regardless of the type of new staff you are welcoming into your building this year, it is not enough just to welcome them into the building and hand them a key. They need more. Schedule a monthly donut stop! Consider a Quick Pop In! Every … Read More

How to Build Valuable Relationships with Your Colleagues

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In this Post : Valuable relationships with colleagues is a must – but how do we use our time effectively? 5 Suggestions for quick ways to build relationships – set a timer, pop into a classroom, & attend a school event all make the list of options. We never feel like we have time, but relationships are worth it! Just … Read More