Looking Up Instead of Down

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In This Post: What does our learning look like if we are disconnected? What I saw in each of my family members, gave me true reflection as to how I will enter my classroom each day and deliver an opportunity to learn. How would learning look if we disconnected to reconnect? Maybe the simplicity we were lost in while camping … Read More

Spark Curiosity and Provide Opportunity for Students

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Spark Curiosity and Provide Opportunity for Students

Do you provide opportunity for students? That is my new class buzzword… OPPORTUNITY!  It is one word that creates such excitement among my 3rd graders.  One word that speaks to every child.  One word with so many meanings that I cannot possibly stop smiling when I hear the chit chat that surrounds this one topic. Let’s get something straight… I’m not … Read More

Removing the Limits on Learning

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Removing The Limits On Learning

Guest post by: Kristen Nan I was in conversation the other day when someone mentioned to me that the sky’s the limit for my child’s learning.  I immediately gasped… felt a bit sick to be honest. Obviously my perception was different than theirs as they stood smiling while I looked like I needed the closest restroom.  Why on earth do … Read More