Using TikTok to Build Relationships with Students

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In This Post: A brief overview of the new trend in social media: TikTok. Using popular social media to build relationships with students. Connecting popular social media to your content area. What is TikTok? TikTok? Have you heard of it? Do you remember the app While I never jumped into the world and I said TikTok was ridiculous, … Read More

Modeling Technology Use for Our Students

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Modeling Technology Use for Our Students

In This Post: The problem with student technology use… and overuse. Tools to become more aware of technology use for students and adults. Alternatives to technology in the classroom and at home. Three ways to balance technology use in your and your students’ lives! I recently had a conversation with a student about technology use that went a little something … Read More

Cue the Encore: When Things Don’t Go the Way You Planned

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In This Post: Bouncing back from an unsuccessful lesson, in real time! Tips and strategies to turn a lesson around due to broken items and student pacing. An idea to head off misconceptions before they occur. If you’ve been in the classroom 1 year or 30 years, I’m sure you’ve had a lesson plan completely flop. Or you’ve had a … Read More

Three Ways to Create a Safe and Peaceful Learning Environment

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In this Post : Teachers are competing against the fast-paced entertainment, gaming, videos and much more Music can be a great way to transition – try guitar music Provide options for students Sharing without judgement is essential What gets and keeps people’s attention at a rock concert? Loud music, mind-blowing guitar solos, and super stunning light shows. Upside down 360 … Read More