3 Important Lessons I’ve Learned as a First-Year Instructional Coach

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TL;DR: This post shares important lessons learned as a first-year instructional coach. Being a good listener shows that you care. Teachers are all at different places emotionally, technologically, and with their teaching styles. It’s important to get to know each teacher and meet them where they are at. Give yourself grace in knowing that some days will be tougher than … Read More

Bridging the Digital Divide

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TL;DR: Implementing strategies to teach and stay connected with limited technology infrastructure. Bridging the digital divide by working offline, and utilizing microlearning and paper options. While it is 2020 and a large part of the country has adequate internet access, it is important to acknowledge and understand there are still areas without the infrastructure for broadband and fiber internet access. … Read More

Tech Tools to Love

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In This Post: Four new tech tools to try out in your classroom. Ideas and strategies to use these new tools well. We’re not quite living in The Jetsons time period (2060s), but our technology is getting closer and closer to mimicking the 1960s cartoon. Research has shown that nearly 70 percent of all jobs are in the technology sector. … Read More