Grit Growth Progression Journey

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TL;DR: “Grit Growth” empowers learners to focus on their grit while also being cognizant of their growth. The “Grit Growth Progression Journey” is a sequence of events, opportunities, behaviors, and responses that can empower reflective realization that grit enhances growth.  Grit and growth impact performance.  Grit can be defined as perseverance, courage, bravery, and passion—it can have a positive impact … Read More

Growth Mindset Mantra, Model, Motivation, and Matrix

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TL;DR: Use a growth mindset to reflectively persevere. Consider the A.R.E.A. (Attitude, Effort, Reflection, Action) Growth Mindset Model when you make a mistake, encounter an obstacle, or haven’t experienced success yet. Model how to enhance autonomy, agency, ownership, and self-direction. Evaluate continuous learning with a growth mindset matrix. Modeling and empowering a growth mindset while learning in school is just … Read More

Model, Empower and Analyze a Growth Mindset

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TL;DR: Strategies to model and empower a growth mindset among your students. An attached student graphic to help develop a growth mindset in your class. Now more than ever, we must model and empower a growth mindset amongst educators and students. Teachers can empower a growth mindset by discussing examples, modeling the language in questions and feedback, and by doing … Read More

Grading SAMR Model

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TL;DR: Grading is undergoing changes, and many schools or districts need guidance. A comprehensive overview of the grading SAMR model, created by Erik Youngman. Grading should be fair, accurate, meaningful, and clearly communicated.  I created the “Grading SAMR Model” to provide a framework for defining indicators within four distinct dimensions. They can be compared, separately or simultaneously, to guide grading … Read More

Model and Empower a Continuous Learning Mindset

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TL;DR: An introduction to the continuous learning mindset. In depth discussion of all 6 components of a continuous learning mindset. Guiding questions to develop or improve a continuous learning mindset. Carol Dweck has shared a variety of research and recommendations about growth mindset.  My experiences as an educator, parent, athlete, and coach have shaped my focus toward the benefits of … Read More