How To Create Memorable Professional Development Sessions At Large Conferences

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How Can You Ceate A Successful Virtual Bootcamp For Your Districts Professional Development

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan discuss several ways to get yourself out there as a conference presenter and make memorable presentations.

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5 Ways Tech Coaches Can Create Memorable Presentations

  1. Have a great Title and Description
  2. Know your audience & tailor your presentation to them and not over their heads.
  3. Know your own limitations before signing up for presentations. Do you have time? Do you have something valuable to contribute? Is it the same, normal how-to session or is it something more engaging and innovative?
  4. Be aware of the timeframe and plan accordingly to keep your participants engaged. Lecture/Discussion/Hands-on
  5. Slides / Visual aids should fit the presentation and complement the content, not be the entertainment. Keep in simple and engaging not over the top.
  6. Be willing to share with the audience – slides, handouts, something that they are able to take with them for reference or a template for implementation.
  7. Be confident in what you are doing and in knowing the content you are presenting. Show and demonstrate your experience.
  8. Be familiar with hardware that you will be using and what is being provided.

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