Brianna Shaner
Lead Ambassador of Professional Learning
Colissa Brogden
Lead Ambassador of Community Connection
Nilmini Ratwatte-Henstridge
Megan Anderson
Alex T Valencic
Lead Ambassador of Data Management
Brad Hughes
Grace Lee
Dr. Jeffry Prickett
Tyson Gardin
Bushra Afreen
Mirna Nieves
Holly Stuart
Rebecca Huff
Danielle Ramirez
Joe Gonzalez
Adam Cottos
Chad Stebbins
Amanda Bolon
Lead Ambassador of Data Management
Caitlyn Clayton
Brianna Norris
Kylie Drake
Bobbie French
Maggie Gifford
Lead Ambassador of Community Connection
Amanda Nutt
Carly Spina
Kimiko Pettis
Taylor Armstrong
Barbara Ostrowska
Alex Oris
BreAnn Fennell
Lead Ambassador of Professional Learning
Marie McCumber
Meghan Wells
Robert Breyer
Candace Miller
Debbie Tannenbaum
Jennifer Reed
Michelle Papa
Michelle Kasum
Nicole Jacoby
Melissa Cunningham
Vann Scott
Cheryl Graff
Brandan Oates
Chelsea Nicolino
Jacki Mjoen
Evan Whitehead
Mike Szczepanik
Mark Horner
Jessica Reed
Natalie Pohlplatz
Sami Seibert
Jared Hamilton
Lindsay Titus
Jillian DuBois

.We are looking for dedicated educators that are implementing the Teach Better Mindset in their classrooms. This program is designed to bring educators together to share out their successes and spread the Teach Better message to even more educators and students.
As an ambassador you will play a key role in continuing to spread the Teach Better Mindset with other educators. 
Following your completion of the Application, the Teach Better Team will review the details to confirm all requirements have been met and notify you of the next steps via email. 

  • Exclusive Teach Better badge for your profile, email, etc
  • Teach Better Swag Discount 25%
  • 10% Off of Teach Better PD Training
  • One Month FREE of the Teach Better Academy Membership
  • $50 OFF Teach Better Conference
  • Private Facebook community for Ambassadors to connect and share with other Ambassadors
APPLICATIONS CLOSEDClick here to be notified when they open.
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an active participant in ONE of the following?

  • Follow the Team on Instagram
  • Member of the Teach Better Team Private FB group
  • Participating in #MasteryChat
  • Engage with Teach Better Live videos
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participated in at least ONE Teach Better sponsored workshop or course (online or in person)?
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subscribed, rated and reviewed the Teach Better Talk podcast?

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prepared to make a 1 minute video explaining why you want to be a Teach Better Ambassador?