The Teach Better Team has been created to foster innovation in the world of education. Our Team produces products and services for educators, educational institutions, and their governing bodies, designed to encourage success amongst students throughout the world.

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Thanks to the Grid Method, after 20 plus years I feel renewed and enjoy what I am doing again!

– Bernie Caldwell, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Canton, OH

If you are looking for increased student ownership and progressive mastery of learning…then The Grid Method is your answer.

-Travis Tristano, 6th Grade ELA Coach

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Training & Development Specialist
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Guest Bloggers

Bryan Zwemke
Molly Ness
Christine Ravesi-Weinstein
Kristen Nan
Matthew X Joseph
Francesca Rivellini
Erin Hall
Jeffrey Austin
Ryan McHale
Dante Pryor
Lauren Salsinger
BreAnn Fennell
Jeremy Rinkel
Kim Darche
Mary Ellen Riley
Anna Grace Waddell
Marebeth DiMare
Christine Witcher
Aubrey Jones
Zachary Korth
Maribeth Edmunds
Kristen Koppers
Karen Evans
Whitney Choate
Jacqueline Goodburn
Brian Faulkner
Kendall Lawson
Suzanne Dailey
Jorge Valenzuela
Don Epps
Jacie Maslyk
Dr. Neil Gupta
Dan Tricarico
Amanda Post
Michael Blose
Debbie Tannenbaum
Melissa Cunningham
Ryan Stephans
Erik Youngman
Dustin Pearson
Tyson Gardin
Adam Lester
Maggie Gifford
Chelsea Nicolino
P. Sloan Joseph
Allyson Apsey

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