Co-Founders Chad Ostrowski (@ChadOstrowski) and Jeff Gargas (@JeffGargas) built the Teach Better Team from the ground up on one major premise - to help educators be better today than they were yesterday and be better tomorrow than they were today. 

It's not about the comparison to the teacher down the hallway or who you may follow on your favorite social networking platform.

It's about a pursuit of Better. 

The Teach Better Team has been created to foster innovation in the world of education. Begin with a Blog, #masterychat Twitter Chat, or become a listener of Teach Better Talk Podcast

Looking for a deeper dive? How about learning through multiple online modules on the Teach Better Academy. 

Are you looking to find your next speaker for a District Institute or Conference Keynote? Explore the Teach Better Speakers Network. 

Our Team produces products and services for educators, educational institutions, and their governing bodies, designed to encourage success amongst students throughout the world.

Whether you are looking for an introduction session, 2-day workshop with follow up, or a multi-year strategic professional development plan, we've got you covered. Our philosophy on implementation is never a "one and done" approach. Rather, we aim to support educators continually as we scale up in reaching all learners.

Developed by Teachers.Fueled by Passion.


The Teach Better Team has been built on the foundation of two key pillars; The Grid Method and The Teach Further Model

But the Teach Better mission has grown into so much more. 

After years of partnering with districts to support implementations in Mastery and Personalized Learning, the network continued their reach to find new ways to support educators. 

Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter Chats, Free Downloads, Board Meetings, Parent Training, and more, the Team moved from an exclusive Live PD Provider to supporting the entire ecosystem which exists inside a school building. 

So the question is, what don't we do?

The "how" behind our methods is simple - continual, personalized professional development. 

Every district is different with a different community, stakeholder makeup, and student need. Therefore, while all of our training utilize data supported best practices, the focus is you and your team. 

Just like we expect the same strategy while we serve our students in the classroom.

 Download our District Implementation Plan (Click Here)